I am always interested in finding ways to share my research, connect with the community, and encourage the next generation of scientists. If you have an idea of an outreach project you want to collaborate on or need a scientist/volunteer for a STEM event, contact me!


SUNY ESF: Stem Mentor Program


I am participating in the NSF funded STEM mentorship program coordinated by SUNY ESF. I go to a 6th grade class in Syracuse once a week and provide a supplementary lesson and activity in the sciences. In addition I am participating in an online course on teaching pedagogy and mentoring practices.


I started volunteering with the GWIS conference my first year at Beloit College. The mission of the program resonated with me and in my senior year I organized and ran the conference. As the administrative coordinator, I forged new connections with the community and implemented new activities in fields of science that have the least female representation including mathematics, physics and computer science. During the conference we created a science filled environment, throughout the weekend the girls kept a lab notebook and had a poster presentations at the end to talk about their experiments and results.