November, 2016: Excited to be on my way to the Evolutionary Genomics of Sex Meeting!

July, 2016: Come see my poster on Drosophila parovaria transcriptomics at the Allied Genetics Conference

May, 2016: Boo Yah! Passed my qualifying exam! Leveled Up!

March, 2016: Check out our freshly published review on utilizing proteomics in the study of postmating prezygotic sexual selection 

December, 2015: Two new papers papers from the Williams Lab at the NIEHS on calcium channels and regulation of calcium release at fertilization have been published

April, 2015: I was awarded the NSF GRFP

February, 2015 - I will be a guest contributor at the English Graduate Student blog Metathesis this month discussing intersections between science & the  humanities

January, 2015 - My undergraduate senior thesis research from a summer research internship at the Memphis Zoo was accepted for publication 

October, 2014 - My rugby team, the Uticuse Hellbenders, was highlighted in a photo series on the Syracuse Post Standard Website

September, 2014 - I will be speaking at the UW Madison Feminist Biology Symposium October 10th

August, 2014 - I have arrived at Syracuse and dissected my first drosophila.

July, 2014 - I am entering the foray of science blogging with my first guest post on Nitty Gritty Science

Update:  my own blog Idea Spermatheca is now active.

May, 2014 - My poster was chosen as an outstanding poster at the 2014 NIH Post Bacc Poster Day. See an article on me and the other NIEHS awardee in the Environmental Factor .

April, 2014 - I have accepted a fellowship at Syracuse University and will be starting my PhD in Biology with Profs. Steve Dorus and Scott Pitnick in August.

March, 2014 - My research with two incredible zoological organizations on either side of the country has been published! Check them out here.