Drosophila, Syracuse University

I love getting to know fruit flies and seeing their hidden, tiny beauty. Many of these peices are still in progress, but I hope to be able to share more soon. I am also beginning to experiment with using insects as a medium.

Mouse Dissections, NIEHS

Multimedia illustrations of dissection during my research on calcium and fertilization in mice eggs at the NIEHS in 2013 and 2014. I wanted to pay homage to the mice I was 'sacrificing', highlight the beautiful contrast of the reproductive organs to the surrounding fat and show the intricacies of developing embryos.

Baboons, South Africa

Drawings from observing baboon behavior in the Tokai forest just outside of Cape Town, South Africa in the summer of 2013. Oil pastel on phonebook paper. The three main baboon portraits are of the alpha males of the troops I followed: Hamlet (in green), Maggerly (in white), and Mayhem (in orange).